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Why Canada just might be the future of U.S. mobile payments

February 4, 2014

VANCOUVER — In Canada, 75 percent of major retailers accept contactless payment. In the U.S., fewer than 2 percent of retailers do the same.

While Canada might be a good test market for mobile payments, the U.S. will get chip and PIN — and contactless payments — over time... likely by 2015.

Not least of the reasons, of course, is security:

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"74% of Young Shoppers Willing to Share Purchasing Data to Get Relevant Offers"

- 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report

October 1, 2013

The 2013 Martitz Loyalty Report is out, and is full of interesting statistics on loyalty programs, including:

  • 66% of shoppers leave loyalty programs because communications and offers are not relevant to them
  • Shoppers are willing to share personal data if it means getting relevant offers
  • Majority of shoppers are willing to reveal their location to get relevant offers near their current location
  • 59% of young shoppers willing to give personal details including income and household composition in return for discounts

You can get the full report here.


Retailers Seek to Differentiate, Customize Loyalty Programs

July 28, 2013

From "Retail Touchpoints

...In 2012, loyalty program memberships totaled close to 2.65 billion in the U.S., a 27% increase over 2010, according to research from COLLOQUY. Additionally, the average U.S. household now participates in 21.9 programs — up from 18.4 in 2010.

To compete in today’s tech-savvy marketplace, companies must find unique ways to differentiate and customize their loyalty programs. Companies like Office Depot, Sephora,Gilt Groupe and Starbucks have found success using innovative approaches to loyalty. These retailers are tapping the latest mobile, social and local tools to pique consumer interest.

Retailers are faced with an ongoing challenge to not only guarantee their loyalty programs pique interest but also are used consistently by consumers, according to The 2013 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census report. This challenge is confirmed in the research: While loyalty program memberships across retail categories experienced a surge between 2010 and 2012, only 9.5% of members currently are actively using their accounts and redeeming offers. This somewhat lackluster participation “suggests some staleness in the value propositions of retail programs,” the report stated.


Google Adds a Little Shine To its Wallet But Stops Short of Awaited Upgrade

January 29, 2013

In fall, Google promised a forthcoming major upgrade of its mobile payment system, Google Wallet. Despite some improvements, it's not here yet.

Instead, the company released a slight upgrade on Tuesday for Wallet — the program that allows users to combine store debit cards, gift cards, credit cards, and loyalty cards all onto a mobile device. Consumers tap it against devices at retail locations to make purchases.

The new version of the Android app, which originally launched in September 2011, has a new user interface and fixes that allow for better stability and battery life, reports. The new Wallet home screen features three tabs: "My Wallet," "Transactions" and "Explore." The latter showcases "featured" and "nearby" offers.

However, it remains unclear when the completely new version will arrive. The Google Walletwebsite just touts a vague promise that it's “coming soon.”

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Mobile Payments and Loyalty Can Create a Winning Combination for Merchants

January 6, 2013

“As consumers become more and more connected, marketers need to do a better job of making mobile a part of the entire loyalty lifecycle.”

This new focus on loyalty incentives may be just what mobile payment services need to motivate consumers. At least this may be the case for Google. Tom Nawara, vice president of emerging solutions and innovation at Acquity Group said that simplifying the user experience of both mobile payments and loyalty applications could be in Google’s best interest in terms of user acquisition and long-term retention.

“Mobile wallets will need to move beyond pure payment transactions in order to attain mass adoption,” he said. “Loyalty features – whether via punch card type activities or more advanced functionality – will go a long way toward enticing users to move to mobile wallets.”

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Tech Trends in 2013 That Will Change The Way We Live

January 1, 2013

Trend No. 1: Mobile payments
We’re getting closer to being able to leave our wallets at home and pay for everything with our mobile phones. And the race is on to be the keeper of your new digital wallet.

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How To Fix Mobile Payments (blog)

December 3, 2012

From Laptop Magazine:

"Leather wallets should be so yesterday by now. After all, today’s mobile tech is advanced enough to let us ditch that cowhide in favor of a virtual wallet from the likes of Google or PayPal, letting us purchase items in-person with a smartphone. But that’s not all. Virtual wallets also give you instant access to coupons and loyalty programs, meaning you’ll never have to open another weekly circular or attach another piece of plastic to your key chain again."

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OneLinc Files for Additional Patents on Unified Cloud Loyalty Platform

OneLinc, the only Unified Loyalty Cloud Platform, has filed for additional patents to protect our unique intellectual property.

OneLinc's extensive patent portfolio covers the ability to share loyalty information in the Cloud; enabling the next generation of Mobile-based loyalty products. By integrating loyalty programs with Mobile payments and other cutting edge technologies, Card Issuers and Merchants will have unmatched access to consumer spending behaviors. OneLinc's "Unified Loyalty Cloud" platform provides the ability to aggregate all loyalty programs in the cloud.

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